About SOS


Harley’s School of Romance is higher education for women and couples wanting to reinvent their sexy confidence or enhance various aspects of their romantic, and intimate lifestyles. SOR takes pride in creating an intimate learning environment that gives each student the space to express themselves. Our curriculum is designed to give women the tools and knowledge needed to rebuild her confidence in life, romance, and sex.   All sessions are judge free and sex positive.

School of Romance classes/workshops can be taken in person, in private, or virtually.  We also host a variety of conferences, party classes, and events.  Each class is tasteful, there is no nudity.  Students must be 18 years old.

Who is Harley?

XO, Harley

Your romance coach!!  Harley, is the “alter ego” of her nerdier self–Angel. She loves educating others in an unconventional and fun manner.  She loves the beauty of romance and encouraging women to love themselves and to explore the beauty of their sexuality. With a background in hospitality, event planning, and classical dance, she has the ability to turn any situation into an unique and romantic  experience. Harley does not claim to be a Doctor of relationships or sexuality, just a student of life, sharing the knowledge with the hopes of inspiring someone along the way.

Welcome to the School of Romance, we are ready to assist you in your journey to renewed confidence and romance.  We live as if there is no box at the School of Romance.  So grab your heels and let’s get “Certified Naughty”.

Contact Us: 

Phone: 404.941.4324

Instagram: @schoolofromance

Join our Facebook Group: Harley’s School of Romance Classroom

Email: HarleySeductionSchool@gmail.com

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