Blow Him Away Bachelorette Partyūüíčūüíć

Hello Bachelorette Season 2016! ¬†We are excited about our new "Blow Him Away" party package. ¬†This party class is the perfect add-on to your Bachelorette night or weekend plans. ¬†You will learn hand/mouth techniques, tricks, and tips--like "cheeking". ¬†Get your bridal team together and add this naughty class to the agenda. ¬†This 90 minutes package … Continue reading Blow Him Away Bachelorette Partyūüíčūüíć

Naughty Bag Packing List

Are you going to have a romantic evening at home?¬† Planning a getaway with Mister?¬†¬† No matter what's on the naughty agenda you must be prepared with the right tools.¬† At School of Seduction, we call our tool kit the¬† "Naughty Bag".¬† You would not go camping without a tent and food.¬†So, why would you … Continue reading Naughty Bag Packing List

Wigging Out with Harley!

This we are wigging out!!! I love to wear wigs, they are apart of my alter ego.¬†¬† The wig I wore to this bachelorette party, name is Sierra.¬†¬† I have at least 10 of themūüėĻ . I love her so much.¬† She is low maintenance and wild.¬† Here is a few tips for choosing the … Continue reading Wigging Out with Harley!

Black Panty Hose!!!!

School of Seduction is designed to assist women in reviving their sexy esteem. We have a pretty strict dress code, based on the class. Our Sexy Rehab classes have begun and will run through Fall. So the dress code requires each lady to wear fishnets or a variation of this sexy hosiery. I have heard … Continue reading Black Panty Hose!!!!

Sexy Summer Camp

We are doing Summer right at School of Seduction.¬† We are a month into our Sexy Dance Camp and the ladies are learning how to shake things up a bit while having fun.¬† We will continue the fun this month with more sexy dance, plus other classes to assist our ladies in enhancing their sexy … Continue reading Sexy Summer Camp

Party Class: Black Lingerie Theme

School of Seduction party classes are a great way to celebrate a Bachelorette's last night.¬† These¬†parties are¬†naughty and infused with tips and tricks¬†to take home to her new hubby. This weekend we¬†are excited to¬†help a¬†bachelorette celebrate with a black lingerie themed party class. Lingerie is such a great dress code¬†for your party attendants.¬† It gives … Continue reading Party Class: Black Lingerie Theme