What We Do at School of Seduction


The School of Seduction is higher education for women/couples seeking to reinvent their sexy confidence or wanting to enhance various aspects of their romantic and intimate lifestyles. We believe that fun and adventure is the spice of any long term relationship. Therefore, it is our mission to provide each student with an innovative and creative learning experience. SOS takes pride in creating a learning environment that is private and expressive. A space that gives the tools and knowledge needed to build confidence in self, flirting, seducing, romance, and sex. Our curriculum is designed to increase the intimacy and fun in romantic relationships. There is no nudity in our workshops. 

Join us in the near future for fun, adventure, and intimacy.


A Cumcumber Workshop Gone Wild!

On last Saturday , the School of Seduction had it’s 1st Cucumber Workshop (Atlanta) for the public.  It was so much fun.  It started out with impromptu drinks for one of the student’s Birthday.  We were located in the East Atlanta Village so it just felt proper to head over to the Earl!  The Bartender Jamie was awesome and trying to get us wasted in the 15 minutes we were there.  LOL!  After a few rounds of drinks, we made it back for our Cucumber lesson–techniques, tricks, and gag reflexes.  But, the ladies kept talking about some guy they thought should be the model for the class–only at the School of Seduction.  When this mystery guy passed again, we grabbed him.  Then the trouble started.  These poor guys!  First of all it was not the right guy, but then when they realized what they had walked into, the crazy questions followed.  That’s all I can say about that.  What happens at S.O.S. stays at S.O.S.  😉
What a crazy, sexy, cool workshop.  I thank the ladies that came to enhance their love life and went with the flow, enjoying the moments, and the adventure it brought.  That is what S.O.S. is made for, to give our students an intimate environment to learn and be free.  We will see you at our next Cucumber Workshop or Peach Workshop (oral for her).  Check out our calendar.
drinks1First came, Birthday Cocktails!
image(2)Next, came the Cucumber Workshop (Oral Sex 101)
image(5)Then, came “Trouble”.

The Perfect Threesome


This was a gift from my Mr. we picked it up on a late night trip to Inserections Store here in Atlanta.  I am so in love with Lelo’s product designs.  This particular toy got our juices flowing because it gives him a role in the action.  So there’s the vibe worn by her and the remote that has SenseMotion.  The remote allows him to create the vibe pattern (hand movements) she will feel from the vibrator inside her.  There are so many adventurous options for this well designed toy.    This is like a threesome in a box.  You can purchase yours  Here.